Catchments & Creeks

Key Features


This CD-ROM contains two basic sources of information, the PICTURE TOURS and the DEFINITIONS.


THE PRINCIPLES - SHORT PICTURE TOUR is suitable for those not directly involved in the design or management of on-site erosion and sediment controls, but wish to obtain a quick overview of the topic.


THE PRINCIPLES - MEDIUM PICTURE TOUR is designed for engineers and regulators involved in the day-to-day activities of erosion and sediment control design and management.


THE PRINCIPLES - LONG PICTURE TOUR is designed for tertiary students and engineers involved in the detailed design of on-site erosion and sediment control measures for construction sites.


BUILDING SITES PICTURE TOUR provides information on building sites. It is recommended for builders to view this tour.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION PICTURE TOUR is designed for site supervisors, laborers and leading hands, even if you are not specifically involved in road construction.


The DEFINITION section provides information on specific words or topics. To become familiar with all aspects of Erosion and Sediment Control, this section should be studied in addition to the picture tours.

bulletOther Features of the CD-ROM include:

Introduction, instruction and help sections with full audio


Detailed contents page for each slide show with hyperlinks


Ability to export text and make personal notes


Definitions for over 350 industry terms


Slide and text printing


Slide search feature

          To download a short demo click here.  DemoWeb.exe  3,940 kb  20min. 33.6kb modem.  Note: the demo contains a short introductory tour only; -- image enlargement, sound, dictionary and other interactive features are deactivated.

Who Should Purchase

 This CD has been developed to provide awareness training for a wide audience from students to contractors, regulators, engineers and builders.

This version of the CD-ROM contains 5 picture tour training courses
The five picture tours provide information in varying degrees of detail.  
Three of these tours provide basic principles of erosion and sediment control. 
These tours are designed for students, regulators and those involved in the development of Erosion and Sediment Control Programs.

The building site picture tour provides information on erosion and sediment control in house construction.  

The road construction picture tour provides training specifically developed for field workers involved in major construction projects.



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