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Review new technologies, equipment and patents to determine technical capability, suitability and applicability in solving a problem. We have reviewed hundreds of new technologies for large multi nationals as well as small independent start ups, a sample of which is tabulated here.
 (Note: In order to protect confidentiality agreements, all projects are 7+ yrs old. )

Examples of Technologies Evaluated:

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Fabrication
Aerobic municipal waste treatment
Aerosol can management
Auto Fluff
Azaphosphanes as Radioisotope Scavengers
Bacterial udder care
Biocatalytic Desulfurization (BCD)
Bio-catalytic enzyme products
Biogenesis soil remediation
Bioremediation of mining wastes
Bioremediation products
Biotreatment of food waste
Biotreatment of food wastes to useful products
Blue bag review of odor generation
Boehling Heat Engine
BOF process
Catalytic Oxidizers
Ceramic membrane reactor technology
CFC destruction Japanese technology
Chemical grafting
Clean Extraction System
Coal Gasification
Combustion of Rice Hulls
Composting raw sewage & garbage
Cyclone cleaning of surfaces
Decontamination of Soils
Dehalogenation using hydrogen and high temperatures
Destruction toxic organic compounds in liquids
Development of robotic garbage sorting
Dioxin control
Electron beam destruction of VOC
Electronic Toilet
EnviroCoat TM
EWMC Microwave Process
Flexible ceramic packaging
Flu-Ace Product Line
Fluid Dynamic Pump
FSR vacuum technology
Garbage Gasification
Gasification by-products
Glass X
Glycol recovery
Ground Water Remediation, Waste Water Treatment
Handling system pressurized aerosol containers
High pressure presses
High temperature reactor
High Temperature Waste Disposal and Recycling
Hyperbaric Thermal Process
Immunoassay Testing
Incineration of Hypodermic Needles
Industrial cleaning technology
KOH Recycle
Landfill Rover 600
Landfill gas utilization for liquid fuels & carbon dioxide
Landfill operational patents
Leachate Treatment
Licensing technology to Japan
Liquid & Solid Waste Disposal
Liquid absorbent
Liquid Purifying w/Ozone
Magnetic separation of metals from soil
Medical devices
Medical Waste Destruction
Medical Waste Treatment
Metal smelting technique for metal waste
Microwave Treatment of soils
Mixed wastes ion selective resins
Mobile electron beam apparatus
Mobile radial plate sludge drier
Modular construction components
Molecular toxicology assays
Molten Salt
Monitoring of Spread of Contaminant Plumes on Bodies of Water
Multi-well control system floating hydrocarbon remediation
Municipal sludge as fuel
New concepts for incineration
New Environmental Cleanup Technology
Non-combustive energy generation
Odor and fire control
Odor Control Formulations
Odor study air
Odor Study surface
Oil spill response team for Ohio river basin
Oil water separation system
On Board Computer
Packed tower oxidizer
Particle Size Measurement
Paving bricks containing 50% sewage sludge ash
PCS Project
Photocatalytic oxidation
Photographic fixer solution recycling
Plascon plasma flame destruction of chloro-organics
Plasma process - medical waste
Porous Ceramics
Pre-inoculation of biological digesters
Process for Decontamination of Hazardous Liquids
Process making activated carbon from used tires
Pyrolizer/oxidizer unit
Pyrolysis of trash
Pyrolysis retorts for K wastes
Recovery/Recycling Landfill Gas
Recycling tires & waste oils
Reduction of soluble sulfates in plating waste
Refuse derived fuels
Russian compounds
Russian Plasma Process
Sharps Disposal System
Shockwave technology to remove zebra mussels or struvite
Sirosmelt Process
Sludge dryer
Sludge Separation
Snowfluent sewage treatment process suitable for cold climates
SO2, H2S reaction in HK exhaust stack
Soil Bioremediation
Soil Bioremediation(GTI)
Soil Bioremediation(ReTeC)
Soil Washing
Solar Aquatics treatment
Solar Cells
Solid waste/recycling
Staytex Spray Coating
Sterilization of hospital wastes
Subcritical aqueous destruction of chloro-organics
Supercritical Water Oxidation
Syncrude from msw
Synergism in environmental remediation
TAMUS 586 & 643 - lime pretreatment of biomass, prior to fermentation
Tar Sand Cleanup
Thermal Depolymerization
Tire Retorting
Toxic soil depletion program
Trashfault Rubber
Unique clay materials
Vacuum blasting
Vapor Detection System
Various Environmental Technologies
Vertical Mulching
Vibrating screens and fine sand separation equipment
Vitrification recycling
Vortex Burner
Waste Encapsulation
Waste gasification
Waste Incinerator
Waste Processing Unit
Waste to Energy Plants
Wet Air Oxidation
Zeta potential instrument
Zeus Irradiator
Zinc recovery from EAF waste






List of manufacturer, inventor or agent presenting new technologies for evaluation:

A. L. Wokas
Acrion Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Recovery Systems
AEI Technologies
Alpha-Omega Energia
Associates in Applied Research
Ausmelt Technology
Barry Lercher
BASICS, Florence Italy
Ben Favret/Medical SafeTEC
Biotechna Graesser
Business Builders Inst.
Catalytica Inc.
Chaparral Steel
Clean Harbors Technology Corp.
Clemson University
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Covenant Environmental Technologies
Crop Genetics Inc.
DA Ltd., Alpat Equipment
Delta Engineering
Don Grattan
Donald Munro
Dr. Windgasse, NJIT
E Monday Technologies
Eco Logic
Ecological Engineering Associates
Ecopower Inc.
ED Redding
Eichrom Industries
Eltron Research, Inc.
Emerging Technologies International
Energy Biosystems
Engineering Technology Intl.
Ensys Inc.
Environmental Remediation Inc. (ERI Inc.)
Enviropace, Hong Kong
First National Capital Funding
Floridin Co.
Frank Manchester
General Technology
Grillenzoni & Assoc (Italy)
Groundwater Technology Inc.
Grow Gun
H&H Enterprises
Heitman Properties
High Voltage Environ Applications Inc.
Hong Kong Enviropace
Institute of Biology of Inland Waters
International Technologies
J. Brinckerhoff
J. Christof
Jack SelterU. of S. Florida
James P. Krempen Sunbelt Ventures
Joe Busch
John B. Webb, Tenerco
John H. Mohrman
Kenox Inc.
Khashoggi Ind.
Kjeld Andersen
Leachate Management Co.
Leachate Mgmt.
Leone Patents
Leslie Mfg. Inc.
Life International Products
LTC Americas
Luis Bucher
Mansur Industries
Maxwell Balboa
Membran Corp.
Michael Markels
Modar Inc.
Molten Metal Technologies
Natural Walk\Mitsubishi
Nesbitt Industries
New Brunswick Scientific
NHW Systems Inc.
North Assoc.
North Star Research Corp.
Nufarm Ltd.
Odor Management, Inc.
OGG Corp.
On The Go
Onsi Corp.
Organica Inc.
Pacific Waste Management
Pathway Industries for BGP Scientific Intl.
Peter Daly
Peter Ehrentraut
Phoenix Environmental
Photochemical Recycling Systems
Pintail Systems
Polymer Research Corp.
Product Control Ltd.
Product Control Ltd. - United Kingdom
PURWOX Systems
Raychem Environmental Services
RCS of New York
Remediation Technology Inc.
Resource Energy Corp.
Russell Lemcke Group
Safe-Waste Systems
Sharbaugh Consultants
Sharpe Medical Products
Sharps Disarmament Inc.
Surface Technologies
Tedder & Widhelm Consultants
Terra MethKisha Engineer Inc.
Texas A&M University
The Advanced Group
The Earth Food Corporation
Thermal Energy Intl.
Thermo Tech Technologies
TMF Inc.
TW Blasingame Co.
University of Maryland
University of Missouri
University of Wyoming
US Energy Regeneration
US TechFund/Michael Panovich
Waste Management Inc.
Wexan Group
Willard Carlson
WJ Bauer Consulting Engineer
XenometriX Inc.
XL Corporation
Zapit Technology



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