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Successful innovative development extends from a solid understanding of the desired goal, the available technology and its limitations, combined with the capacity and experience to effectively merge a set of diverse processes into an effective solution.

TEI has consistently  demonstrated it has the capacity and experience to innovate. 
TEI also draws on knowledge from a wide array of industries and technical principles to solve problems,
covering literally every letter of the alphabet.

Have we developed a solution to your problem before ?     ...... probably not. 
Your solution will likely come from connecting together a unique set of dots.
        Our advantage is we probably have more dots.......
and experience to effectively merge a set of diverse processes into an effective solution.
        TEI draws from a wide array of industries and technical principles to solve problems.  e.g.

  • Atomic adsorption, Ash, Air pollution control, Aerosols, Activated carbon, Auto Fluff, Air-lift pumps, Aerodynamics, Air stripping
  • Batteries, Biomass fermentation, Bentonite, Bioremediation, Biochemistry, Beer chillers
  • Cement, Compost, Copper sulfate from scrap, Crystallization, Computer chips, Clay, Coal washing, Centrifuges, Cold-plasma, Chemistry, Curve-fitting, Chrome refining, CAD, Corrosion
  • Diodes, Desulfurization, Digitalization, Dewatering, D-Base, 3D Design, Desilting mine dust
  • Energy efficiency, Electron beam, Emulsification, Electrostatics, Energy balances
  • Fly ash, Fans, Flexible ceramic packaging, Flying, Fluidized Beds, Fortran, FEA
  • Gamma-Ray Testing, Glass X, Gasification, GM waste metal, Gliders, G-force, Gas absorption
  • High Density Aggregate, High pressure press, Hydraulics, Hazardous waste treatments
  • Immuno-assay, Ion selective resins, Incineration
  • Jet engine fuel, Just-in-time manufacturing, JPG compression
  • Kaolin, Kilns, Keels, K-061 dust
  • Leachate Treatment, Landfill gas, Load-cells, Limestone quarries
  • Molten Metal Technologies, Material Properties, Mercury absorption, Microwave Treatment of soils, Molten Salt, Magnetite, Machining
  • Neutralization, Nuclear Power, NERAC
  • Oil spill cleanup, Oil water separation, Ozone, Photocatalytic oxidation, Odor control, Organo-metalics, Optics
  • Plasma flame, Pyrolysis, Plating waste, Photographic chemicals, Power Poles, Patents, Particle Size Measurement, Packing optimization, Permethrin, Peening, Powerstations, Pneumatic modulation
  • Quantum mechanics, Quadratics, Quarry fines
  • Robotic garbage sorting, Rice Hulls, Resins, Recycling, Roms, Rail-ties, Rusting prediction
  • Smelting, Snowfluent Sewage treatment, Soil remediation, Solar Cells, Sharps Disposal, Supercritical Water Oxidation, Sterilization, Swarf, Syncrude, Simulations, Sound Energy, Superfund, Solidworks 3D
  • Tower oxidizer, Tensile strength, Tar Sands, Tire disposal, Thixotropy, Timber preservation, Thermodynamics
  • Ultra-sonics for dental examination, Urethane, Underground commissioning, UV/peroxide treatments
  • Vibrating screens, Vortex Burner, Vitrification, Vacsol, Viscometers, Visio, Vinyl chloride absorption
  • Wood preservation, Waste Encapsulation, Washing Soil, Wolman Treatment, Wine chillers, Waste disposal
  • X-Ray generation, XLS
  • Yellow-cake refining, Yachting, Yeast, Yaw sensors
  • Zeta peta potential, Zebra mussel shockwave technology, Zinc recovery


Whether you want to outsource a development project, or you need someone to guide, audit or manage a project team call us. 
We can help .



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