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Environmental Management

Due Diligence & Risk Assessment

We evaluate hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste and wastewater treatment, process and disposal sites for acquisition and divestiture. We are experienced with new product development and innovative environmental technologies, and work with publicly traded companies and small privates.

  • Environmental risk assessments - Principals of TEI have performed due diligence environmental reviews for waste disposal and processing facility acquisitions that exceed combined sales revenue of well in excess of $1 billion. Our niche is to provide a high level review of the risks and market dynamics so that quick decisions can be made by management on the viability of a project acquisition - before significant expenditures are made looking at the details.
  • Technology reviews - Investors of new technologies, particularly in the environmental arena will be hard pressed to find an individual who has conducted more reviews than the founder of TEI. Using first principles, we get to the heart of what a new product or process accomplishes, for how much, and for who. This tried and true method has enabled us to perform reviews of over hundred new technologies.
  • New business development - Whether it is a company wanting to add a new business line, or an environmental service firm looking to permit or acquire a new facility, we provide market and pro forma analyses on critical development business drivers. We provide an assessment of the high level risks so that as deals move forward, our client's eyes remain wide open.
  • Operating reviews - TEI provides analysis for multi-nationals and start ups to identify organization and process improvement. We use strategic planning and activity based costing techniques, and focus on aligning organization structure and processes to maximize the bottom line.  
Key projects:
  • $10 billion international environmental services company business line analysis for strategic planning

  • Private company with multiple location recycling sites business valuation for sale to public company

  • Activity based costing in transportation, process and sale of recyclables for process improvement

  • Site and market analyses for private company transfer station siting and development

  • Publicly traded environmental consulting business line and market analysis

  • Publicly traded environmental product manufacturer market analysis for entry into Superfund remediation

  • Hazardous waste incinerator market analysis for public company strategic planning

  • Price modeling for host fees and market pricing

  • Market evaluation and business planning for private equity investment of waste management start up

  • Analysis and financial modeling for investors of hazardous waste recycling technology

  • Organization analysis of multi-location brokerage business with high growth to streamline processes


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