Technology Evaluations, Inc.
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Consulting  Services

Technology Audits

With 35 years experience in development and application of innovative equipment & processes for a wide range of companies and industries, we understand the issues that lead to commercial success or failure.  Whether or not the technology is valid is  important but only one element in the process of generating profit from innovation.

Being critically aware of the difficulty and pitfalls that exist in commercializing new technology, we are uniquely qualified to understand and audit the development efforts of others, and report on how various aspects of the technology or its journey to the market place might impact success.

We assist developers & investors in following areas:
  • Application, Feasibility, Patentability, Economics, Scale-Up ......

  • Pre & Post-Investment Assessments

  • Competing Technology Reviews

  • Research 3rd Party Audit

  • Venture Capital Proposal Screening




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