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TEI Fluidizer/PMT


Not all air-slides installations are not suitable for using PMT.  Sad but true.

We can tell quickly if your installation is suitable, just give us a call (630) 879-0297

When you do, it will be helpful if you have on hand the:

  1. blower capacity
  2. air manifold and piping arrangement drawings
  3. total area of air-slide in the silo 
  4. area that is aerated at any one time

As you might appreciate trials are not free.  We recover transportation charges, equipment rental and a daily rate for a specialist to be on site & report.  Trials typically recover may times those costs in the value of recovered cement during the trial.  If you prefer, we could offer a simple per ton basis.

Trial Equipment:
The 6" trial unit is NEMA 4 rated & handles blowers up to 3,000 cfm and up to 15psi. 
It requires an 8 Amp, 3-phase power supply and plant air for shaft seal. Click on Installation to see all dimensions and other specifications.
Note - The blower air inlet is a 6" #150 flange and the two outlets are 4" #150 flanges.
[ We recommend trial connections using rubber suction-hose such as McMaster-Carr # 5294K727 ]

Results using PMT:
After plant's air-slide systems have stopped discharging with ~10% of product remaining, the TEI Fluidizer has consistently demonstrated it ability to get the more out, typically empting it down to the air-slide cloth. 
In some case we have shown the ability to discharge the last 10% faster than the normal equipment can operate on an almost full silo.

Additional Information:
We will send you piping and equipment layout diagrams and if needed help you with a SKU list of recommended piping components.



Connecting a 6" Unit with rubber hoses. 6" TEI Fluidizer
As shown above the unit can be throttled back using 3" air hose connections. (This unit would normally have a 6" inlet and two 4" outlet hoses.)

Small 4" prototype connect to silo
Silo connected to the 4" prototype unit.  Used where a access is limited.

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