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TEI Fluidizer

Success Stories

The TEI Fluidizer removes cement right down to the air-slide cloth.  Check out some of our success stories to see how you might benefit from a Fluidizer:
  1. Bottom 20ft of cement silo stuck for 5 yrs
  2. Star bins not discharged for 20 yrs
  3. Bunker empties to the cloth
  4. Shipping Terminal silo discharges bin-bottoms consistently
The problem...  air-slides often don't fully discharge the last 10% !
The TEI Fluidizer is new technology that has proven its benefits at cement shipping terminals and cement plant silos.

We understand that there other ways to remove stuck cement, but none that require less energy, no silo entry, and can remove product right down to the airslide cloth.








         When you can remove cement safely and give a ‘thumbs up’ ?                                    Why try this ?
measuring sagnant cement  Stagnant Cement   thumbs up success   blast hole in silo

        Finding the problem.                   Stuck Cement 16ft high.              PMT discharges down to the cloth                                      ...or...   Blast away.


Optimal Technology for Large Silos
With some exceptions, if your silo is made from metal and is 10 to 15 ft in diameter or smaller, then there are cheaper alternatives.
Not all airslide configurations are compatible with the TEI Fluidizer and we can identify whether you design is suitable with a few questions.  For more information see Technical information.
TEI recommends performing trials before sale of equipment to confirm the benefits of the TEI Fluidizer’s Pneumatic Modulation Technology (PMT) for your specific application. The TEI Trial units are is easy to set up via quick connect cam-locks, and once piping modifications have been made by the plant, the Fluidizer can be uncrated and running within an hour.

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