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TEI Fluidizer


"Whatever color you want as long as it is black" (Henry Ford).

Our stock models selection is only a bit better than the model "T Ford".
TEI Fluidizers are available in one size; the 6" diameter inlet, Model 2-6.2.

Std. Option:

A choice between 240 and 480 volt three phase drives.

Model 2-6.2
Design flow 2,260 cfm @ 10psi   (Max flow ~ 3,000cfm @ 15 psi)

Custom Options:
Units can be scaled in size up or down for specific application, including high pressure units.  Sizes over 10", while feasible, may be better served with multiple smaller units.  Units can also be designed with up to five outlets if required.

We have available a 1/2" model for bench scale testing of new materials.

Most of our trial work at cement and fly-ash facilities have been performed using a 4" prototype, and we now use a standard 6" unit for site trials.


TEI Fluidizer 2-6.2
TEI Fluidizer 2-6.2

We expect to have a smaller economy unit available 3rd qtr 2007.  This will likely be a 3" unit for use on small silos and air-chutes
i.e. (closed-type) air-slides.




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