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TEI Fluidizer


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Install with PMT Install Continous Air

                            Without                                                                                  With   TEI Fluidizer installed

ABOVE  --  As depicted above, the TEI Fluidizer is connected into the blower's pipework on the outside of a silo (silo walls omitted for clarity).  The TEI Fluidizer takes a single flow of air and splits it into multiple flows each modulated between 4 and 40 Hz, and each modulation 180 degrees out-of-phase with the other.  It is essential that the split flows not be recombined, because that would cancel out the PMT, but this is rarely a problem because the air flows are already divided into multiple pipes outside the silo.

BENDS  --  The TEI Fluidizer should be installed as close as practical to the airslides because excess pipe volume has a muffler effect.  Similarly, tees and 90° bends should be minimized to minimize flow turbulence.  e.g. A wye split would be better than a tee.  As a general rule, their should be less than six 90° bends between the TEI Fluidizer and an air-slide.

PIGGYBACK AIR-SLIDES  --  These are groups of air-slides where the air flow is connected to one air-slide, and air is then piped out of one end of that air-slide and fed to another, in a daisy-chain arrangement.  This arrangement may save a few dollars for the installer/designer, but at a much greater cost to maintenance and operations later on, and is no way recommend by us.  Typically, PMT is effective only in the primary air-slide, not the piggybacked units.


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