Faster Discharge Rates

Transfers with TEI Fluidizer

Discharge rates using the TEI Fluidizer have been tested on Cement and Type "C" Fly-ash where increases have been recorded as high as 20% and 70% (respectively).  Below is a graphical example from a cement silo that had stopped flowing prior to PMT being used.  It shows the improved transfer effects of PMT, , and compares the discharge rates with the same silo after being filled.

The blow-down, back-pressure graph below shows the effect of the TEI Fluidizer on a dense-phase transfer pod
that was being fed by air-slides fitted with our PMT test unit.

with PMT last 10%


For comparison without PMT; the graph below shows the performance of the same equipment a few days later, after the tank was freshly filled.
Note, the pressure regularly drops to 1 psi which suggests the pod was only partially filled.

freshly filled, no PMT