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  TEI Fluidizer   -- Making Air-slides Work Better

The TEI Fluidizer uses advanced pneumatic modulation technology (PMT) to improve discharge of fine powders from large storage units (bunkers, silos and dome) equipped with air-slides. The equipment has been successfully deployed at cement plants and shipping terminals, significantly improving transfer of stagnant cement ( i.e. the last 10 - 15%, often referred to as bin-bottoms) and Class C fly ash. The TEI Fluidizer can mobilize product that has been stuck for five years or more; in one application, the Fluidizer was able to extract cement that had been stuck for over 20 years.
TEI Fluidizer Mod.62
                                       TEI Fluidizer Unit - MODEL 2-6.2

Pneumatic Modulation Technology

  • Improves transfer rates

  • Eliminates rat hole formation

  • Increases available storage capacity

  • Recovers 'dead inventory'

  • Eliminates erratic flow when inventory is low

  • Discharges product right down to airslide cloth

  • Reduces energy requirements

  • Reduces product working angle

  • Increases operating flexibility

  • Uses existing plant blower and pipework

  • Requires no confined entry


The use of PMT and the TEI Fluidizer is covered by  US Patent 6,986,625.  The purchaser of a TEI Fluidizer is granted a single user license as part of each purchase.  This license is valid for the life of the equipment and is considered transferable with whomever has legal possession of the equipment.


TEI will conduct a trial to determine the site specific performance using a full size Unit with quick connect cam-locks.
In situations where access is limited we can use a smaller, lightweight 4" Trial Unit.

In every trial performed to date, the TEI Fluidizer has recovered sufficient product to pay for the trial several times over.
In many cases, the product recovered during the trial has more than paid for the installation of a TEI Unit/s.

Fluidizer Mod.61 installed


New 2007 Model

The model 2-6.2 (photo above) has several new features and improved design: 

  • Rotating inlet for easier installation
  • Additional grit management system
  • More compact dimensions
  • Better alloy selections

However; the critical core assembly that contains all serviceable parts retains identical external dimensions.  This follows our philosophy and design intent for rapidly serviceable exchange units that are fully interchangeable.

                             The original TEI Fluidizer Mod. 2-6.1  (installed)


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