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TEI Fluidizer

with and without PMTComparisons

PMT gives you faster flow with half the gradient

With and without PMT can be seen in the image to the right.  In this side-by-side test, both air-slides were set at a 5° angle, and the one on the left had PMT and discharged rapidly.  Without PMT (right-side) the powder managed only to get to the halfway point.

The TEI Fluidizer is not right for all applications, but it is the only system for large storage units that will operate continuously and enable discharge of inventory right down to the air slide.





Other Commercial Silo Emptying Options

  TEI Fluidizer  Whips, Chains and Augers Air Blasting
Application Domes, bunkers and silos with air slides, air pads, fluidized beds Silos Typically small diameter storage units
Materials Non combustibles only. e.g., Cement, Class C Fly Ash, and Lime Can be used for combustibles and non-combustibles Can be used for combustibles and non-combustibles
Set Up Quick connect Camlock and rubber suction hose system Equipment and men work on top of silo, + air-compressor rental + fuel + possibly a crane General permanent
Operators Equipment runs continuously, without labor Requires two man crew for safety reasons Timer

None required Equipment only Required to install
Energy Consumption < 1HP for the Fluidizer but can reduces blower power by 50% High and may consume large volumes of high pressure air Very high per sqr.ft.
Results Will  clean (non-hydrated) cement down to air slide fabric. Small unit removed cement stagnant for 4 yrs. Good but may shutdown silo for a week or more Localized and build-up may form again in other areas
Site – Set Up Minutes. That’s right, once the air hose connections are made, it takes just minutes to uncrate, assemble and turn on. Cranes and air compressors needed to position and operate Requires shut-down and empty silo
Safety Requires no special equipment, no harnesses, no high elevation activities, no entry Men on high Good
Time – Operation Can operate continuously. Prototype Unit recovered 600 tons of seven year old bin bottoms in 10 hours Operates during scheduled clean out Can operate continuously.
Application Domes, bunkers and silos with air slides, air pads, fluidized beds Silos Bins and silos with air slides
Clean Outs
Ideal. Can be a portable unit with rapid connectors or operate continuously Requires more labor intensive set up and trained personnel oversight NA


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