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Tony Witheridge

                          BSc., MBA Technology Mgt.                                        ajwtc@TechnologyEvaluations.com



Technology Evaluations Inc. – (USA) 1993 to Present


TEI is a small technology consulting company, evaluating new technologies and technology based business proposals. Principal clients include: Amoco/BP; Hendrickson (Truck Suspension Div), Boral Materials Technology, Shapiro Haber & Urmey, Vulcan Chemicals, Phoenix Environmental, Technology Resources Inc., LB Industrial Systems LLC, Argosy Technology Inc., Waste Management, Inc., Wheelabrator, Rust Engineering and, Chemical Waste Management.  Plus numerous landfill and recycling ventures.


Senior Technology Analyst


A specialist in process trouble shooting & modeling, formulating innovative products and designing new processes and equipment. Responsible for leading small teams of technical staff to evaluate the current state of development of over 200 new technologies. Frequently teaming with end-users, investors, process experts, and marketing professionals, performing economic and feasibility analysis, ABC costing, process balances, and quantifying application benefits. Principle technology acquisition consultant to largest environmental firm 93 - 98.


   Recent projects include:

  •   ABC costing across business lines of a billion dollar company to determine profit impact of emerging technologies.

  •   Waste metal transportation logistics to minimize costs for 26 GM plants.

  •   Adaptation of Russian spark-plug technology for lean burn engines.

  •   Truck suspension materials failure analysis.

  •   Financial modeling and cash-flow analysis for a rapidly expanding manufacturing/retailer.

  •   Pump design & optimization.

  •   Cost cutting for manufacture of heavy rotating machinery, plus infield optimization.

  •   Corrosion prediction services.

  •   Multi-dimensional process analysis and optimization of fine-particle classifiers .

  •   Design of materials handling prototypes cut energy costs by 50%. 

Chemical Waste Management, Inc. (USA) 1989 to 1993


Project Manager

  •   Evaluated new processes and waste handling technologies for acquisition.

  •   Developed system to network intellectual assets across all WMI Companies.

  •   Team Leader for the evaluation and redesign of incinerator flue gas scrubbing.

  •   Pioneered dynamic chemical simulation tools for new Chemical Waste Facilities.

  •   Re-engineered aqueous pump and treatment systems, including equipment specification and vendor selection, for a $100 million Super Fund clean-up.

Aimtech Pty. Limited (Australia) 1984 to 1989


General Manager

  • Established a small chemical engineering company, consulting to the mining, wastewater treatment, insecticide and waste recovery industries.

  • Specialized in process problem assessment and solution implementation, including equipment field trials and project management of engineering projects.

  • Project manager for sixteen WWTP installations of large scale centrifuges ranging from 10 to 200 tons per hour. Responsibilities included tender evaluation, system design, subcontractor negotiations, bid preparation, scheduling, on and off site construction management, billing, customer liaison and P&L oversight.

  • Managed in-plant trials for equipment manufactures in several countries. Activities in the USA included numerous pilot tests, and process investigations at Kaolin plants, Coors brewery, and several waste water plants.

  • Project manager for the development of airlift pumps. Responsibilities included feasibility studies, component design, manufacturing drawings & machine shop supervision of prototype and full-scale machines up to 50 tons per hour. Coordinated patent technical submissions and international demonstrations, resulting in patent sale.

  • Managed the TQM and technical development of "Solvents Australia P/L" from a business concept through their growth into the most respected and leading solvent recyclers in the country.


Koppers Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia) 1977 to 1984


Technical Services Manager 1982 to 1984

  •   Managed its centralized QA, R&D Lab facility with a staff of twelve.

  •   Computerized production batching logistics and stock control.

  •   Responsible for environmental compliance of sixteen production facilities.

  •   Developed new products for SE Asia; implemented procedures and staff training.

  •   Project manager for several process and plant re-engineering projects with general oversight

  • of all design and engineering of plant installations


Research and Development Manager 1980 to 1982

  •   Reduced production time by an average 30 %.

  •   Increase main product stability, which doubled profitability.

  •   Invented parallel batching techniques to increase manufacturing rate by 50%.

  •   Developed and implemented software for optimizing material’s purchasing.


Assistant Technical Manager & Lab Supervisor 1977 to 1980

  •   Automated Lab QA/QC equipment and procedures.

  •   Developed computer models to define fatal process flaws.

  •   Organized manufacturing production schedules.

  •   Increased analytical throughput by 700% per chemist

  •   Reduced QA response time by 80%.



1977: Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Australia.

2004: MBA in Technology Management, University of Phoenix – GPA 3.93


Computer Literacy Very high. Familar with all Microsoft business products, incl. MS Project, Expression Web & Visio.

Experience also includes OLI chemistry simulation and various CAD/3D software.


Life is a journey

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