Reference Clients           

·        BP/Amoco – Chicago and Naperville, IL                             BP-Logo
Provided innovative project work to improve tank storage utilization; patents pending.
Worked extensively with Environmental, Health and Safety Department to better meet International Business Group needs.

·        Alamo Cement – San Antonio and Austin, TX   
Developed process management controls for process-water resulting in significant acre - foot savings. 
Currently evaluating quarry fines process management. 

·        Waste Management, Inc. – United States and International   
Lead evaluator and advisor of innovative waste handling processes. 
Performed due diligence for small and large companies totaling revenue in excess of $1 billion.  

·        Wheelabrator Inc. – Baltimore, MD              
Wastewater sludge dewatering trials and performance evaluations. 

·        Humboldt – United States       
Performed numerous trials for application of centrifuges at a variety of plants, including Coors Brewery and
WWTP’s in San Diego, Brooklyn and Newark. 

·        Monticello Investments, Inc. (and affiliates) – Carol Stream, IL
Business development support, permitting, operational start up for environmental infrastructure. 
Technology investment analysis.

·        Mitsubishi Cement – California  
Process trials to improve pneumatic transfer rates and recover inventory. 

·        Boral – United States 
New process designs for bottom-ash and fly-ash utilization, grinding plant design, micron classifier process analysis,
equipment review, comparative testing and purchase recommendations.  Ash/composite development & testing.

·        CETCO – Arlington Heights, IL   
Market development for innovative technology used in sub aqueous remediation.

·        LB Industrial Systems – San Antonio, TX  
Silo discharge device testing.  Process studies for ammonia and carbon removal removal from fly-ash.